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        Prof. Dr. Can Keçe

        Education and Expertise

        Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine - Medical Education
        General Surgery Specialization - 2003
        Gastroenterology Surgery Specialization - 2007
        Associate Professorship - 2011
        Surgical Oncology Specialization - 2013


        • Applied Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Course - Reflux Surgery, GATA, Ankara, Turkey (30 April-1-2 May 2007)
        • Practical Applied Experimental Surgery Course,GATA,Ankara,Turkey (29-30,November 2007)
        • Oral Enteral Nutrition Course According to ESPEN Guidelines, Ankara, Turkey (22 November 2009)
        • Nutrition Support for Cancer Patients, ESPEN,Ankara,Turkey (22 November 2009)
        • ERCP C Course - University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany (2010)
        • Bariatric Surgery (Obesity) Course, Lyon, France (17-18, March 2012)
        • Surgical Stapler Training Course, Management, Trabzon, Turkey (2012)
        • Bariatric Surgery (Obesity) Course (Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass-Sleeve Gastrectomy), Bruges, Belgium (2013)
        • Laparoscopic Gastroesophageal (Reflu) Surgery Course 1-2, Course Management, Trabzon,Turkey (2013-2014)
        • Basic Principles of Laparoscopic Surgery Course, Patient Positions, Trocar Placement, Pneumoperitoneum and Operating Room Setup, Course Instructor, 11th National Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgery Congress, Bodrum, Turkey (2-6 October 2013)
        • Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery, Winter School, Cerrahpaşa University Hospital, General Surgery Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey,(January,2015)

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        Prof. Dr. Can Keçe

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