Increase your digital power and be visible to more clients.
We provide for you Appointment System  Reminder MessagesQuestion and Comment SystemContent Support .

According to research, 84% of clients seek health services online.
51.3% of the clients say that the most important factor in the decision-making process is the ease of access.

Digital Visibility

Reach more clients by increasing your visibility.

Gain Reliability

Gain reliability through client reviews.

Simplicity and Convenience

Access everything you need from a single panel!

Benefits of DoktorUzman Platform

We are beyond your expectations from just a platform. We listened to clients for you and we have built a structure that responds to you and your clients' requests.

For Doctors & Specialists


Introduce yourself to the clients.

Use your profile to introduce yourself.

Your clients want to know you.

Your Appointment Hours Create

Share your appointment times with your clients.

Clients want to see available hours and make appointments quickly.

Multiple Addresses Create

Different addresses mean different clients.

Different addresses mean different clients.

Our Reminders Are On

Our reminders are on for you to not lose clients.

We remind clients to make an appointment for you.

Unlimited Content Create

Every post you reflect your specialty is a trace you leave on the ethernet.

Statistics point to clients search about their illness before their health care needs.
You can create unlimited contents through Doktoruzman.

Share Your Gallery

You can upload photos to your gallery, give confidence or interest your clients.


Respond to Questions and Comments

You can answer the questions and comments of your clients and maintain this by increasing your interaction.

For Institutions


Manage Your Staff

We are escalating the Digital Secretariat into something more comprehensive with Staff Management.

For existing specialists in your staff;

- Creating an Appointment
- Appointment Confirmation
- Answering the Questions Asked by the Specialists
- Ability to Reply Comments
- Content Creation Through Selected Specialist

Your Private Institution Panel

By creating your institution profile

- You can add the polyclinics you serve.
- You can create your institution's photo gallery.
- You can edit the working hours of your institution.

Institution - Patient Transactions

Institution - Patient transactions will make your job easier.

You can create tickets for all specialists in your institution from a single menu.

- You can view the created tickets by filtering them with date, outpatient clinic and specialist name.

Some of Our Specialists at DoktorUzman

We provide professional services to increase your digital visibility, and we deliver the traffic of clients to our sites to you, the healthcare professionals.

Client Comments

Comments made by our clients who made an appointment for our specialists.

Dr. Kürşat Gül

Ozone Therapy
At first, I was nervous about Mr. Kürşat but the fact that he was one of the first to apply ozone therapy in Turkey relieved me a bit. When I met him, I felt more relaxed. I was very satisfied with the treatment, he is truly a special doctor.

Dt. Sait Albayrak

I was looking for a doctor for root canal treatment and filling, I made an appointment with Mr. Sait on doktoruzman.com. He is a professional and sympathetic person at his job, he took all my tension and toothache.

Doç.Dr. Mehtap Kılıç

Child Health and Diseases
I was searching a doctor for my son. He was having trouble with breathing, then we learned that he had a respiratory infection and we were afraid. Ms. Mehtap calmed me and my wife and explained the treatment process. She is an expert in her job and so smiling person.

Dyt. Edanur Serçe

Ms. Eda is a cheery and patient dietitian. I think I tired her a bit, but we made it and we are still speaking with each other. Thank you so much.

Op.Dr. Yavuz Sultan Selim Cerrah

ENT Specialist
I was looking for a doctor about septum deviation and came across with his article on rhinoplasty. Surgical procedures were making me nervous like everyone else, but examining his professional attitude and previous operations made me feel comfortable. The result is that I breathe much better.

Informative Videos

Here are some videos to help you learn more about DoktorUzman and special services for our specialists.

For Specialists

For Institutions

For Clients

Example of Our Special Services


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