Frequently Asked Questions

No, making an appointment through our site is free of charge. For examination & consultancy fee information, you can apply to your doctor & specialist after registering.

Yes, you can write your comments about your appointment via the e-mail we sent you after the appointment. By evaluating your appointment, you will assist potential future patients in choosing their specialist. DoktorUzman.com only offers the right to evaluate the patients who make an appointment through our site, in this way the authenticity of all evaluations is proven.

After logging in, you can see all your saved appointments in the "My Appointments" section. You can cancel or reschedule the appointment if you wish. After making a reservation, the details of your appointment will be sent to you as a message. You can also cancel your appointment via this sent message. These messages are sent to you as SMS or e-mail.

Call the clinic you made an appointment with and let them know that you will be late, so they can make the necessary changes in their calendar and arrange an appointment again at the most convenient date and time for you.

When choosing a doctor through doktoruzman.com, you can search for its education, background, verified reviews of other patients, articles, photos, and more. By this means, you could find the best solution about your needs. Remember to leave a review after your appointment so you can help other patients independently find the right doctor for their needs.

Go to main page and type the name of polyclinic you want to go or the doctor you want to make an appointment with on the search button. You can also choose your insurance or location to help you get the right result. You can even view their current calendar, attributes, photos, and verified reviews of other patients. To get your appointment within minutes, simply click on the appointment time you want.