Terms and Conditions

Dear Users and Professionals; In order to benefit from the closed-circuit communication service provided by the www.doktoruzman.com platform, which allows one-to-one questions to the professionals whose profiles are featured on our site, you must read and accept the full text of the Terms and Conditions below. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you will not be entitled to use the relevant service.

1. Definitions

Site: The website named www.doktoruzman.com,

User: Real persons with full legal capacity, who access the services offered by the Service Provider by accepting the Terms of Use and completing the registration process,

Professional: Doctors, dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists, midwives, obstetricians, dieticians, therapists, veterinarians, as well as Users who carry out other professions not mentioned above, and institutions where medical services are provided,

Institution: Institutions where medical services are provided,

Service: A closed-circuit private question system that is available to Users and Professionals and provides direct communication between Professionals and Users,

Service Provider: Hane Software Information Technologies Limited Company with tax number 4571197733, registered in the Commercial Registry by Samsun Registry Office under the registration number 32630,

Account: The Site database entry, which enables the identities of Users or Professionals to be determined with the help of a user name and password, thus allowing them to access certain services,

Profile: Refers to the place where information and opinions about any Organization or Professional are collected on the Site.

These Terms and Conditions have been created by the Service Provider of the Site, Hane Software Information Technologies Limited Company, and are submitted for the acceptance of Users and Professionals who want to benefit from the Service and accept the Terms of Use, in order to benefit from the relevant Service.


2. Scope of Service and Liability of the Parties

The Service has been developed in order to enable Users to submit medical questions to the Professional they wish, and to enable Professionals to answer these questions, within the scope of general health informing of Users. The service is not intended for treatment or diagnosis. Within the scope of the service, none of the answers, information and recommendations provided by the Professionals to the Users mean patient examination and disease diagnosis, and do not replace one-to-one patient-doctor examination. Since the answers given by the professionals are the answers given without interviewing and examining the patient, they are only for informational and informative purposes. According to the information provided within the scope of the service, it is strongly not recommended to start any treatment or to stop or change the ongoing treatment.

It is essential to have an Account on the Site as a User or Professional in order to be able to ask questions to Professionals and answer Users' questions by making use of the Service. The Service Provider always reserves the right to change/restrict the content and features of the Service it provides. The Service Provider does not take any responsibility for the content and structure of the information and materials placed on the Site or provided within the scope of the Service, the questions asked and the answers given by the User or Professional. The User or Professional accepts and undertakes that he is personally and exclusively responsible for the accuracy of the information he adds, the questions he asks and the answers he gives within the scope of the Service, or whether it violates the rights of third parties. The User or Professional is fully responsible for any damages and illegal actions that may arise due to their actions within the scope of the Service. These actions include, but are not limited to, providing inaccurate information, disclosing professional or other secrets, violating personal or copyright or similar rights, and banning advertising / advertising.

The Service Provider clearly and unequivocally states that the risks that may arise from using the Service belong only to the User or Professional. No warranty is given regarding the information and materials placed on the Site, as well as the value, usefulness, completeness, completeness and usefulness of the products and services provided through the Site.

The service is performed by Professionals completely voluntarily and at no charge. Professionals may not demand any fees or charges from Users, under any name whatsoever, during their activities within the scope of the Service.

The Service Provider cannot guarantee that Professionals will regularly operate within the Site. Answering/not answering all or part of the questions asked within the scope of the Service is at the sole discretion of the Professionals, and any disruption or interruption in the Service in no way binds the Service Provider.

Within the scope of the service, using obscene, abusive and insulting expressions, giving nicknames, giving information about private and family life, claiming that a crime has been committed, racial, religious, ethnic, etc. for both Users and Professionals. Calling for violence and hatred based on differences is prohibited. In case of such situations, the Service Provider may restrict/completely suspend or suspend the Accounts of Users or Professionals and cancel their User or Professional status.

The Service Provider has the right to temporarily suspend the Service for technical maintenance and requirements. The Service Provider may set usage rules and policies regarding the Service, and may change these rules and policies unilaterally at any time. The User or Professional agrees in advance that he will abide by these rules and policies.

3. Intellectual and Industrial Rights

The Service Provider is the rightful owner of all images, databases, information, documents and all kinds of materials within the scope of the Service, and the User or Professional has the right to view the Service only and to ask and answer questions through the Service. Articles, videos, etc., uploaded by professionals. The owner of the material is a Professional, and the Service Provider has the right to use the rights granted to the author for the publication of these materials on the Site. This situation does not grant the User any right to use the Professional's works other than for personal purposes. In any case, the User or the Professional undertakes not to copy, reproduce, disseminate any material on the Site and not to make it available to third parties, whether commercial or not.

4. Personal Data and Privacy

The collection methods and legal reasons for the collection of your personal data that you have shared during the use of the service, our methods and policy of protecting your personal data, the personal data samples processed, the identity of the data controller, the purposes of processing your personal data, the transfer of your personal data to third parties and/or abroad, and the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 You can visit our Clarification Text on Processing of Personal Data for details on the rights granted to you within the scope of

The conversations between the Professional and the User within the scope of the service are never shared on the Site and personal answers are not published with Account information. The content of the communication realized within the scope of the service cannot be copied, reproduced, disseminated, commercially or not made available to third parties in any way, either by the Professional or the User.



Disputes that may arise between the Service Provider and the User/Professional will first be resolved amicably. The parties accept and declare that Samsun Central Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized if no compromise is reached.