DoktorUzman.com – Privacy Policy

“ DoktorUzman Personal Data Protection Policy ”


Basic Principles

We attach special importance to the privacy of the users of DoktorUzman.com. Data is especially protected and secured against unauthorized access. These privacy policies are presented to the attention of all parties concerned.

The website of DoktorUzman.com is open. One of the main services of the website is to publish and distribute information and opinions about health professionals and organizations, and for this reason, the data of such individuals and organizations are made available to everyone using the Internet and can be archived by browsers.

Rules for the processing of service data

The information contained in the system logs, the information obtained as a result of the general rules regarding internet connections (for example, the IP address) is used by DoktorUzman.com for the technical management of our servers. Apart from this, IP addresses are used for the purpose of collecting general, statistical demographic information (for example, regarding the region from which the connection originates). DoktorUzman.com uses cookies to provide its services and to ensure that the content adapts to individual needs and interests. In some cases, individualized (personalized) access and identification of websites is based on cookies, but often authorization is required with a session with a user's password. Disabling cookies in the browser does not prevent the use of our services, but it may cause some technical problems. Cookies are also used to collect general, statistical information about the user's use of our websites.

Data required during registration

The following data is needed in the registration form: e-mail address (login), password, first name (names), surname, year of birth, gender, zip code, district, city/town of residence and one-time code to activate the account.

Specialists are also required to provide their diploma numbers and personal identification numbers. Persons practicing the profession without a license have to send digitally scanned versions of their diplomas and identity cards confirming their qualifications. The numbers and digital copies thus provided will be used only to confirm the rights of specialists.

Disclosed user data:

Comments published by the user are marked with the signature received during registration. No other user information is publicly disclosed.

Data disclosed in the profile of specialists:

The specialists' profile shows all the information provided during registration, except for the birth address, e-mail address (login), password and account activation code. In addition, other data, preferably provided by the specialist, are shown; in particular, such as contact information and opening times. Each profile contains a list of views and a list showing their approximate score.

Required data when scheduling appointments with doctors:

When scheduling an appointment with a doctor, you must provide your name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, and ID number. This data will be shown to the doctor with whom the appointment is made and possibly to the persons at the relevant reception desk in the doctor's establishment. It is forbidden to fill in information about the state of health in the “Information for the doctor” section; This field should only be used to enter the technical information required for scheduling an appointment with the doctor.

Personal data

The personal data of users and specialists are processed on DoktorUzman.com within the framework of the "Clarification Text" and the express consents obtained in this context, especially the "DoktorUzman Personal Data Protection Policy". For detailed information on the processing and protection of personal data, please review the "DoktorUzman Personal Data Protection Policy" and the "Clarification Text".

Content shared by users and doctors

Opinions and informations shared on the profiles of healthcare professionals and organizations are publicly available.

Links to Other Websites

DoktorUzman.com is not responsible for the privacy policies implemented by the owners or managers of the websites included in the links on the website. We recommend that you refer to the privacy protection waiver provisions published on websites that collect personal data. The user or specialist assumes all responsibility for the content published on the website to which the link to DoktorUzman.com is directed.

Information sent to users or specialists

DoktorUzman.com reserves the right to send e-mails to all users with notifications about important changes on the DoktorUzman.com site. In addition, if the user or expert consents, DoktorUzman.com may send commercial e-mails, especially with advertisements and commercial information. Advertisements and other commercial information can be added separately to incoming and outgoing mails in the system account.