RD. Hande Sena Yılmaz

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        RD. Hande Sena Yılmaz

        Hello, I am Dietitian Hande Sena Yılmaz.

        I graduated from Ondokuz Mayıs University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

        Thinking that healthy nutrition should be gained at a young age, I did my thesis on "Nutrition Education for Primary School Children".

        I have participated in volunteer work and many seminars throughout my school life.

        Currently, I continue my consultancy services at the Eat&Fit Nutrition and Diet Center, of which I am one of the founding dietitians.

        I do not aim to see healthy eating as a process, but to include it in our lives on a sustainable basis. In line with this goal, I continue to serve face-to-face and online with nutrition programs that I have based on scientific evidence and carefully prepared for each of my clients.

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        RD. Hande Sena Yılmaz

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