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The Effects of Not Loving Yourself on Your Mental Health

The Effects of Not Loving Yourself on Your Mental Health

  • The Effects of Not Loving Yourself on Your Mental Health
  • This situation has harmful effects on physical and mental health. These damages are:

One does not want to denigrate oneself by attaching it to a fundamental cause. Many people who are unaware of what is going on in the mind of the person may reproach him, "How can he not love himself?" We said mind, for example, there is a problem, this problem is brought to an exaggerated level and made impossible. A person who does not love himself does not focus on finding solutions, he loves to exaggerate the solution and make it unsolvable. This situation causes confusion in our minds and restlessness in our souls. This is a simple example, the traumas experienced in childhood, the words that one is used to hearing and the way of upbringing are perhaps the main reasons for this issue that are not taken into account. In addition, due to the person's self-love, other psychological diseases may also occur. In short, the person has entered into a spiritual war and his salvation from there will be realized with awareness. Most people think that the problem of not loving themselves is because of not being beautiful or looking ugly in the mirror. However, nowadays, the concept of being handsome and looking beautiful is reflected by role models, artists and actors playing in movies and TV series. The concept of being handsome and looking beautiful in our subconscious consists of these mentioned names. We can never feel the codes that social media gives to our subconscious and therefore we make ourselves ugly. In short, every human being has been created beautifully, as long as you know how to see, be aware. The problematic of self-love is a kind of illness, this problem usually starts in a person's adolescence. The person does not love himself because his awareness and human relations are not in place and for many similar reasons. In addition, in many cases, the situations of not being courageous, unable to speak, being reluctant, talking to oneself occur. However, if a person can gain awareness, he or she can acquire many factors based on self-love.

This situation has harmful effects on physical and mental health. These damages are:

  • It paves the way for mental illnesses. When a person devalues ​​himself, he becomes prone to depression. This is an important event in terms of health.
  • Weaknesses in human relations create feelings such as inability to focus and not be comfortable. The reason why they can't focus is that they see themselves as more inadequate than the other person. This situation can also push the person's memory to bad roads.
  • They have sleep problems. Sleep problems, which vary from person to person, come and go between sleeping too much and not sleeping. These people do not start the day fresh and wake up with a feeling of restlessness. Individuals who cannot sleep, on the other hand, feel hungry all the time and this causes obesity.
  • It prepares the ground for obesity. Lack of self-love can pave the way for obesity. Often, individuals with appetite problems cannot stop themselves from wanting to eat.
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